Lisa Rademakers
Lisa Rademakers obtained a bachelor's degree in journalism from Southwestern University, a small liberal arts college outside of Austin, Texas. Upon graduation, she started working as a magazine editor at a publishing company in Dallas.
After a couple of years working in the real world, Lisa decided to go back to school. She spent the next few years at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, pursuing her master's degree in journalism. When she finally completed her master's thesis, she decided she wanted a change in scenery and so she applied to writing and editing jobs all over the country. The job she wanted, and the one that wanted her, happened to be in Columbia, Maryland. And that's where she's stayed for the last five years (well, not at the same job, but close to the same city). Today, she works fulltime as a technical writer and part time as a freelance writer. When not working, Lisa likes to go camping, take pictures, and spend time with her two dogs.         
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