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Howard County Center for the Arts
8510 High Ridge Rd, Ellicott City, MD 21043

The Howard County Center for the Arts is a place for visitors to see exhibits and performances, and to take classesMore and hear lectures on arts and artists.

The Center is overseen by the Howard County Arts Council, which sponsors events and initiatives aimed at strengthening and growing the arts in Howard County. To that end, the Council awards grants and scholarships and sponsors numerous programs.

Howard County Department of Inspections/Licenses/Permits
8930 Stanford Blvd, Columbia, MD 21045

If you need a license or permit for just about anything, you will need to work with the Howard County Department ofMore Inspections / Licenses / Permits.

Taxis, pets, rental properties, electricians—all need to be licensed by this department, according to regulations passed by the County Council.

The department also performs inspections of and issues permits for building and construction projects.

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