Who Needs Four Legs? Cat of the Week

I'm Gabriella and I've got three legs and one huge heart.


My name is Gabriella. Do you remember Petula, the ?  Well, I was rescued after the same house fire as her. I may not be Patch’s first ever calico (although I’m just as pretty), however, I am Patch’s first cat with only three legs!  

Yep, you heard me right. I am missing one of my back legs.

But honestly, looking at me, you would never know there was anything different about me. I’m a big, friendly, fluffy ball of love. I have adapted to life with only three legs so I know I will adapt to life in my new home just fine.  

Come in and visit me today at .  Once you hug me you will not want to put me down!


 is a nonprofit, no-kill cat shelter in Ellicott City. Each week we will feature a cat that needs a home. If you happen to pick up one of these lovelies, post a picture and let us know! Visit the Cat of the Week blog to see which cats have been adopted and which are still looking for a home.

laurie barbara February 08, 2012 at 02:10 PM
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