How to Avoid Getting Bitten by a Shark

Don't be shark bait this summer!

Shark (Credit: Getty Images/Fountain Valley Patch)
Shark (Credit: Getty Images/Fountain Valley Patch)
The chances of being attacked by a shark in Maryland may not seem great, but it's always helpful to be prepared. (Plus, a 16-year-old was bitten June 9 in Lewes, DE, so it does happen.)

Experts say there are ways to be aware of what's in the water, clues that something might be fishy, pointing to shark presence.

"When a big school of fish jump out of the water, you should be alert to the fact that something is chasing them," a shark expert told Imperial Beach Patch, explaining the fish may be trying to avoid a predator.

The following tips for avoiding shark attacks were adapted from Imperial Beach Patch and National Geographic:
  • Swim at times other than dawn, dusk and night.
  • Don't splash excessively or erratically, which can attract sharks.
  • Steer clear of fishermen, fisherwomen and fishing boats, which may leave carcass trails.
  • Get out of the water calmly if a shark is spotted.
  • Don't get in the water if you are bleeding.

runymede June 15, 2014 at 07:55 AM
Get out of the water calmly if a shark is spotted. Yeah right !


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