Whiz Kids: Accidents Waiting to Happen

This group of young engineers is building first-place robots, and headed to the top.

Accidents Waiting to Happen – it’s not a rock band, it’s a team of rockstar engineers who attend Folly Quarter Middle School. 

The boys, members of the same Boy Scout troop, are Griffin Holt, Zack Gronlund, Justin Argauer, Mac Smith Devin Geibel and Eric Frank. They went through six rounds of competitions Saturday at the First Tech Challenge (FTC), held Saturday at Marriotts Ridge High School. 

During the competition, according to the FTC website, the teams built a remote-controlled robot using the LEGO Mindstorms controller and metal parts.

Accidents Waiting to Happen swept a host of awards in the competition, including the "Inspire Award," which is given to the team that the judges "Truly embodies the 'challenge' of the program;" the "Connect Award," for teams that connect with the local engineering community; and the "Motivate Award" for their teamwork and spirit.  

According to Brian Holt, an adult involved with the team, the kids “won soundly in the first two rounds,” winning the day’s competition, which was the fifth of six state qualifiers – then on to the State Championships in three weeks.

“So,” Holt said, “We’ll be there.”


Patch wishes Accidents Waiting to Happen good luck, though they probably don’t need it!


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