Long Reach YouTube Videos Removed

Two videos purporting to show students in questionable activities outside Long Reach High School have been removed.

Two videos showing students involved in questionable activities outside Long Reach High School have been removed following between an intruder and a student.

One video showed a boy spitting on one of the high school’s doors. Another video showed a dejected-looking student with water dripping from his chin. Teens in the video say someone poured water on him; he stands still as a group of kids seem to accost him. A girl in the background says, “I feel so bad.”

A third video allegedly shot in a Long Reach classroom, which hasn't been removed, shows a boy and girl swearing at each other as a teacher unsuccessfully attempts to silence them.

Patch contacted Patti Caplan, spokesperson for Howard County Schools, Wednesday at 2:15 p.m. to ask her whether Long Reach administration disciplined any of the students involved in the videos. Patch notified her that a commenter had .

"Whether these incidents were dealt with I have no way of knowing," said Caplan before the videos were removed. "YouTube is blocked in the school system so I can't review any videos unless I'm home."

Around 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, the videos had been removed by the user from YouTube.

Caplan said she had not notified administrators at Long Reach about the videos.

"Nothing to do with us, I don't think," said Caplan when asked about the removal of the videos.

Violence and bullying at Long Reach came into focus after a 40-year-old Baltimore man in a video released on WorldStarHipHop.com last week. The man, Donnell Maurice Vannison, Tuesday.

Caplan said there was no evidence to suggest that fighting or bullying at Long Reach is "any more prevalent" than other high schools.

Between 2008 and 2011, Long Reach suspended 106 students for attacks, threats or fights, according to statistics compiled from Marylandpublischools.org. The average for all Howard County Public Schools was 104 suspensions over the past three years.

Six other schools had higher numbers than Long Reach. Reservoir High recorded 175, Hammond 162, Wilde Lake 136, Oakland Mills 127, Howard 111, and Mount Hebron 109.

A Long Reach parent, who declined to be identified, said threats and bullying at Long Reach are often handled in ways that don’t result in suspension. The parent’s child left the school this year after a barrage of bullying, including multiple threats on social networks.

Howard County Police spokesperson Sherry Llewellyn said police are currently working with administrators at Long Reach to investigate the bullying allegations after the parent notified police of the threats.

Caplan said the school can't restrict what students post on YouTube because it would violate their freedom of speech. She said fighting and bullying are societal issues.

"It's one of those things that takes a village," said Caplan. "This is a community issue. There's nothing we can do other than work with the students about personal behavior."

K March 28, 2012 at 11:23 PM
Ms. Caplan I hope you are not really as clueless and this article makes you seem. As a Long Reach parent, I agree with many other parents on here that bullying and inappropriate "gangsta" behavior is a problem throughout this school. You can see from the video postings that these thugs brag about going to a ghetto school. HoCo is known for great schools and parents expect the adminstrative staff to provide a certain type of learning environment for our children. Manipulating suspension numbers by giving lesser punishments is NOT a way to raise expectations from these gangsta-wannabes. Step up to the plate and do what the other schools are apparently doing and suspend/expell these thugs that will do nothing but drag our school and reputation down the drain. Our recent worldwide attention should have proven beyond any reasonable doubt that this school has problems that are not being dealt with. If you want more proof, then go through and read some of the postings made by the students in addition to the videos they post. A third grade student could compose and write better than most of these kids. They can't seem to be able to put together a simple sentence. Maybe if they weren't so busy standing out front spitting on the school doors, they could learn something. It's an embarassement to HoCo and to Long Reach. STOP IGNORING THE ISSUES AND DEAL WITH THEM.
Jack March 29, 2012 at 12:23 AM
Ms. Caplan is just doing exactly what she is told to do by her superiors, not really sure which one is in charge because it is acceptable to them to remain in their posts even after their memory has gone. Basically she is the PR person, the hcpss spin doctor. The reality is this is in all of our schools and it is hidden. They have to hide it because they have no clue how to deal with it and they need to project an image to lure the next unsuspecting family. They know exactly what is going on because a steady parade of parents have walked into every single school and complained for years. Problem is the senior administration has heard this for years and done nothing. The majority of the BOE turns their heads. "HoCo is known for great schools" It is an illusion. This incident is nothing compared to all the problems hcpss has. Forget what the spin doctor says when she says "HoCo is known for great schools" and question everything.


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