Howard County Education Association Endorses Change at School Board

Teachers' association endorses three new faces for school board.

The Howard County Education Association (HCEA) announced the school board candidates it is endorsing in 2012, a list that does not include any of the three incumbents.

"It is time for change," wrote Paul Lemle, president of HCEA, in a press release on March 13.

Lemle said HCEA endorses Ann De Lacy of Columbia, David Gertler of Ellicott City and Jackie Scott of Columbia. All have experience as educators.

HCEA, which represents more than 5,000 teachers and school staff in the county, said that it was not backing the incumbents who are running—Allen Dyer, Ellen Flynn Giles and Janet Siddiqui—for several reasons:

  • The current board voted to discontinue , against HCEA advice.
  • The current board entered schools into Race to the Top.
  • Some current board members sought to rather than working to resolve their differences.
Jack March 18, 2012 at 05:39 PM
Paul Lemle has asked a question at Howardpubliced of candidates Andrews and Ballinger as to what their position is regarding appointed vs. elected members of the BOE. Since in part it was Ms. Scott's views at Mr. Ullman's public forum which became his basis for the need to appoint members and we heard nothing from Ms. Scott durring public testimony which favored elected members it is imparitive Ms. Scott publicly explain her position and silence.


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