Turf Football Fields Premier Friday in Howard County

Three synthetic football fields at high schools will see their first action on Friday.


When Howard County Executive Ken Ulman tosses the coin for the at football game on Friday, the field will have a very different feel than in years past.

The 7 p.m. kickoff will mark the premier of turf football fields in Howard County–the first of 12 synthetic fields the county plans to install at all of its public high schools.

Synthetic turf has also been installed at and Schools, which will also premier their new fields on Friday, according to a county press release.

The Howard County Board of Education . With a price tag of $1 million a piece, the project saw considerable dissent.

Clarksville resident Sue Medicus told Patch in December that she "was just astounded when this passed–a lot of us were."

But the county insists the fields are a long-term investment that will save the county in water and maintenance costs, since the fields require minimal upkeep compared to real grass fields.

Board member Sandra French, who voted in favor of the fields, said that moving to synthetic fields is a "wise decision," according to The Howard County Times.

Other local leaders, including Howard County Council members Mary Kay Sigaty and Courtney Watson, State Senator Ed Kasemeyer, Delegates Guy Guzzone, Frank Turner, Steven DeBoy and Elizabeth Bobo, Howard County Board of Education member Janet Siddiqui, and Deputy Superintendent Ray Brown will join Ulman in the ribbon cutting at Atholton on Friday.

Ribbon cutting ceremonies are scheduled for the fields at Hammond and Howard High Schools later in the season.

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Jack September 01, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Thomas, You really do not want the 23 Feb 10 email from Roey about what the hcpss did and did not do with 3 attachments. 1) Feb 18 regarding roof deflection at Hammond from Gale associates to their former employee Mr. Savje. 2) Feb 9 from Howard county dept of inspections, license and permits regarding Snow Load and Structural Stability, Winter Storm Update Information: February 9, 2010 or even 3)Feb 9 General guidelines for snow load from Gale associates. I did make a mistake as Gale associates is in Towson, not Virginia. What you really want is to call Mr. Roey and have him tell you just as he told me that this is all there is. Get it, Thomas, no one inspected these roofs not even Gale associates befor the schools were opened. The hcpss can't even tell you to this day what each of their roofs will hold and had no idea how much weight was on them when the schools reopened. Now we are looking at the hcpss knowingly endangering the health and lives of our children with another extreme. The carcinogens and heat on turf fields.
Thomas Diller September 01, 2012 at 10:12 PM
Jack, Please post the report that HCPSS sent you from the engineering firm that claims "the roofs had exceeded their structural limits including buit in safety measures and were of concern." That's what I'm waiting for!
Jack September 01, 2012 at 11:27 PM
They are too large for patch but they are somewhere on Howardpubliced after 23 feb 10. What you really want is to know 2 of these 3 attachments is all the hcpss had to rely on when they reopened the schools. There was no competent roof inspection by anyone period. The third attachment discusses the roof deflection at Hammond, the closing of Hammond and the removal of the load (ice, water and snow) from the roof. After the load was removed Gale associates inspected only that roof. Think of a roof like a spring, downward deflection is the direction of colapse. Remove the load and it returns to normal, leave the load and risk catastropic failure. Don't know what the the structural limits are and don't measure the load is negligence, open the doors, hope for the best is criminal. I am not giving you hard time as my interest is our children's well being. If you can't find it on Howardpubliced than give Mr. Roey a call because there is nothing more. The hcpss beyond luck has nothing to offer the public in this case. I believe the boe discussed this at some point afterward however to this day there is no policy to cover this. After I posted the information above is when I was told to file a MPIA for all other damage as it was extensive.
Thomas Diller September 03, 2012 at 06:16 PM
Jack, I'm not asking you to post the report. Just post the full paragraph of the report that states "the roofs had exceeded their structural limits including buit in safety measures and were of concern."
Thomas Diller September 05, 2012 at 08:25 PM
C'mon Jack! I know you have that a copy of that report at your fingertips. Just post the paragraph that says "the roofs had exceeded their structural limits including buit in safety measures and were of concern."


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