Rockburn Skills Park Opens

County Executive Ken Ulman cut the ribbon, standing beside bicycling advocates.


County officials and mountain bikers celebrated the newest addition to  on Saturday.

Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE), an organization promoting sustainable mountain biking programs, worked in partnership with Howard County's Recreation and Parks Department to bring its plans for the Rockburn Skills Park to fruition.

The park includes what is known as a "pump track," or a "highly engineered plot of dirt with banked turns and bumps, so that riders can propel themselves using only their bodies, pumping with their legs instead of pedaling," . MORE also worked to build a network of trails to challenge mountain bikers of varying skills levels in Rockburn.

Initially,  to build the biking attraction, expressing concerns about traffic during public meetings last spring.

However, MORE's  through county support, volunteer participation and fundraisers at the park where the nonprofit raised thousands of dollars to move the project forward.

"The first phase, the pump track, was completed in October and saw literally hundreds of users visit over its first season," . 

The second phase, on which work began in April, is a trail system that connects Rockburn Branch Park in a network of paths for bikers and pedestrians.

County Executive Ken Ulman helped cut the ribbon at Rockburn Branch Park West on Saturday June 2, alongside representatives from MORE in celebration of the public-private partnership that enabled the creation of the park's newest feature.

The pump track and trail system are free and open to the public.

Anna Wagoner June 03, 2012 at 06:05 PM
Tried to find the pump track but could not find it, Rockburn is pretty big. Anyone know where to park at the park to access the track? Thank you!!
pump track fan June 05, 2012 at 05:22 PM
If you enter from Landing Road, go up to where the overflow parking area is under the powerlines, it's at the top of the hill overlooking the turf fields.
kdruffel June 11, 2012 at 02:03 PM
You can also access it from the other side, off of Montgomery Rd. Park down at the end of the road by the West Pavilion and ride the paved trail that crosses through the woods to the other side of Rockburn (short trail that the county guys sometimes drive on, but note that it is not open to the public to drive on). It is across the paved road from the play ground, near the soccer fields 9 and 10. It will take you to the area above the turf fields where you will find the pump track and the entrance to the flow lines. Bathrooms - folks are asking where there are bathrooms. There are port-a-potties over by the West Pavilion (on the Mongomery Rd side, through the paved trail). If the concession stand is open, there are full bathrooms there (at the bottom of the hill by the turf fields on the Landing Rd side). Water - there is a water fountain by the concession stand by the turf fields.


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