Photos: Monster Plows Come to Maryland -- Bring the Snow!

State Highway administrators debuted a monster-sized "tow plow" Thursday. The new tool can plow two lanes of snow at one time.

If, after one of the snowstorms sure to come this winter, you see a monstrous snow plow tackling two lanes of traffic at once, don't worry, you're not seeing double. The Maryland State Highway Administration announced Thursday that it plans to put two super-sized, double-duty "tow plows" on state roads this winter. 

Tow plows are making their way to Maryland after testing in Missouri. They work as part of a train, towing behind and to the side of maintenance trucks. They may also be used to salt roads after storms or to pre-treat roads before snow with salt brine. SHA says the plows will reduce fuel costs and emissions because one driver can cover the area of two plows. 

"Snow is something we think about 24/7, 365 days a year," said Valerie Burnette Edgar, spokesperson for the administration, at a press event of the Intercounty Connector. 

SHA will also be employing a "snow squad" of driver tipsters. 

"It's citizen volunteers who will be reporting to us conditions to expand our eyes out there and let us know conditions real time," Edgar said. 

For more information on how to become part of the snow squad, head to the SHA website. Information on state roads is available through Maryland's 511 program. Call 511 or 1-855-GOMD511 or visit www.md511.org.


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