Bank Robbed on Rolling Road, Police Say

The Wells Fargo was closed Tuesday afternoon as police investigated.

Wells Fargo bank on Rolling Road; Feb. 18, 2014. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)
Wells Fargo bank on Rolling Road; Feb. 18, 2014. (Credit: Elizabeth Janney)
The Wells Fargo bank in Catonsville was closed Tuesday afternoon after a robbery, Baltimore County police said.

An officer was blocking the entrance and not allowing people to enter the bank in the 800 block of Rolling Road as of 2 p.m. Tuesday, telling citizens that the bank was closed.

At 1:22 p.m., police responded to the bank in the Forty West Shopping Center for a holdup alarm, according to Corporal John Wachter, spokesman for the Baltimore County Police Department.

There was a robbery, Wachter said.
Neither shots nor injuries were reported, according to police.
Baltimore Matt February 20, 2014 at 07:10 PM
Rose...these things happen everywhere...in the nicest places and in the worst of places...banks get robbed everywhere and highway access that allows for a quick getaway is usually a factor (like Rt. 40). Catonsville is a fine place with low major crimes in comparison to the region. If you are really concerned about crime and things going downhill you would organize residents in your neighborhood, write your councilman, meet with county and state officials, and stand your ground (not simply move because of a few issues) because problems tend to follow you no matter where you move.
Rose February 20, 2014 at 09:39 PM
Sorry Matt, I hate it here. My son and two of his friends were eating at subway and some thugs followed them down Delray and of course the thugs wanted money and cell phones. His friend still does not hear right from being hit in the head with a board. I have found stolen wallets in my hedges. A friend that was visiting for ten minutes got her car window smashed in and stuff stolen out of her car. Don't tell me this happens everywhere, because I know that it doesn't. It is a horrible place to live. I am just glad my kids are grown now and out of here.
Baltimore Matt February 20, 2014 at 10:16 PM
Again, community involvement (it could be as little as setting up and getting your neighborhood and neighbors on a nextdoor.com site) so you and your neighbors can be vigilant and let other people know to lookout when these types of activities happen (as well as address other neighborhood related issues like zoning, permit, bad landlords, sanitation, events, etc.). You would be surprised, since these type of incidents are usually not isolated, (if you are having these problems, so are your neighbors) how organizing can make your neighborhood less desirable for someone with bad intents. Your neighbors may know the people involved (at least names to faces) and if your neighborhood approaches the police department with a common, documented problem, most of the time, with persistence, you can do something about the problem. I have noticed that neighborhoods that have been able to successfully address issues like these and be stable usually have a high level of community involvement. Don't move. Organize.
Justin case February 27, 2014 at 12:43 PM
Although crime does happen everywhere, I agree catonsville has gone downhill fast and dropping everyday. That's what happens when the government decides to take the "thug life" out of Baltimore city and put them up in the county for better opportunity. You can't take that mentality away from the thugs no matter where you put them. Their lifestyle is always blamed on the "product of their environment" theory. They get out of that environment and still act like animals. It's a nice gesture but it obviously doesn't work by relocation so stop putting all us law abiding citizens through all the stress of dealing with it and leave them where they are. Even a dog knows you don't crap where you sleep and eat


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