Victim in College Park Shooting Attended Ellicott City School

Stephen Rane went to Centennial High School. He was killed Tuesday in College Park.

The victim in Tuesday's fatal University of Maryland, College Park shooting attended high school in Ellicott City, according to school officials.

Stephen Rane, 22, of Silver Spring, attended Centennial High School, according to Rebecca Amani-Dove, Howard County Public Schools spokesperson. She could not, however, verify when or whether he graduated. 

The Baltimore Sun has reported Rane graduated in 2009.

He was an undergraduate student at University of Maryland, where he studied English, according to an article he wrote for the school's newspaper.

Police say another roommate was shot and injured; that student's name has not been released. 

According to police, 23-year-old Dayvon Maurice Green, an engineering graduate student, set several fires on the property of the home shared with Rane and three others. 

Rane and the unnamed roommate came out to investigate the fires, according to police, when Green pulled out a handgun from his waistband, shot them, then shot himself.

Police say Green had been taking medication for an unspecified mental illness. A University of Maryland spokesperson said the school was not "aware of his condition."


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JaySmith February 14, 2013 at 12:43 PM
Rebecca-Amani-Dove, a govt worker we're paying to be the 'Spokesperson for HoCo Schools'......mmmm.....isn't she the one who brilliantly announced after the WildeLake rape, that the students are supposed to be in their classes during class hours? And now she says, 'Yes Rane went to CHS but do not know if or when he graduated'. How much is this professional 'Spokesperson' being paid? Maybe Patch could start writing stories of useless Adminstrators and how much their pay and all bfts are worth. Unbelievable. But I know, the real story is horrific, Rane incredibly unlucky to have a mentally-deranged room-mate. But the other story is how rude and unrespectful, unprofessional and incompetent Ms Dove is to go out and NOT know IF and WHEN he graduated. Maybe it's worth 5 minutes of her time to find that out, actually find out more: academic awards, sports, etc before she starts speaking about his murder. It's pathetic.
Annie February 14, 2013 at 10:39 PM
Depends on how/when she was asked. Sometimes a call for a comment is right then and there and the opportunity to research is not an option. I am not sure why this is a big deal. Do you believe she was deliberately rude? To what end? Maybe I am missing something that would make sense of this? At any rate, what a terribly sad tragic event. My sympathies to the families of ALL involved here.


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