Minor Collision Reignites Major Safety Concerns

Resident witnessed a minor collision in the same place where, two years ago, a young man died and wants to know what can be done to improve safety.

Police say no charges were filed in a vehicle collision in Ellicott City early Monday evening.

According to police, the vehicle was driving on Montgomery Road at Wood Point Place. Failing to pay attention, according to police, the driver went off the roadway and struck a mailbox, then a tree.

There were no injuries reported, according to police, but residents in the area have long-contended that stretch of Montgomery Road is prone to speeding and accidents.

In fact, two years ago to the day, 20-year-old Bryan Bolster died after his car careened into the same house as Monday's collision.

"I have come home to find my grass torn up, mail box missing, and car parts all over my front yard and driveway," David Fasano wrote in an email. In the past month alone, Fasano said he's seen between six and eight collisions. 

Fasano said he's talked to police and, he said, "They agree that something needs to be done, cut the speed limit, install speed bumps, put in speed cameras, something," he said, "But what and how soon?"

Patch has requested collision data for the area from the Howard County Police Department.


- Elkridge Man Dies After Car Crashes into House in Ellicott City

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mrmew55 January 08, 2013 at 07:48 PM
it's now been almost a month since the Patch ran this story - has anything been done to improve safety on this stretch of road? If so, I haven't seen any sign of it. It might be nice if the police actually enforced traffic laws for a change


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