Caught on Tape: Package Snatch in Progress, Police Say

Police say a woman stole from someone's front porch.

Waiting for your holiday package to arrive? You might not be the only one. 

Howard County Police say a woman has stolen at least one package left on the front porch of an Ellicott City house. The victim had a surveillance camera and caught the whole thing on tape, which was released by police.

According to police, a delivery company dropped off a package Friday on the front porch of a house on the 8200 block of Weston Drive at about 9:50 a.m.

An hour and a half later, a surveillance camera at the house recorded a blue, two-door sedan pulling into the driveway. The video shows a woman getting out of the passenger side of the car, taking a package, putting it in the trunk and getting back in the car.

The suspected thief is a white woman, about 180 pounds, with dark hair pulled back with a headband and maybe a ponytail. She was wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt with a white emblem on the chest, jeans and gray shoes, according to police.

Police are asking anyone with information to call 410-313-STOP (7867). Callers may remain anonymous.

If you think a package may have been stolen from your property, police suggest you:

  • Check the back or side door to see if the delivery was left at another location. 
  • Check with neighbors to see if the package was delivered to the wrong address.
  • Call the delivery company to confirm it was delivered.
  • Report the incident to police by calling 410-313-2200. 

To prevent thefts, police suggest:

  • Track shipments, and try to be home when they are scheduled to arrive. 
  • If you won’t be home, have the shipment delivered to your work. 
  • If you won’t be home, ask the delivery company to leave the package in a discreet location, such as a back door.
  • Ask a neighbor to take the package inside until you get home. 
  • Be aware of suspicious people and vehicles. Delivery drivers are asked to be aware of vehicles following them. 
  • If you notice suspicious behavior, call 911 immediately. Make note of any vehicle’s make, model, tag, number and direction of travel.

This article has been edited to indicate the suspect put the package in the trunk of a car.

Bob December 23, 2011 at 11:37 AM
There is a car there yet you say she put the package in a truck??
Brandie Jefferson December 23, 2011 at 01:40 PM
Bob, typo! It's supposed to say "trunk." Thanks for catching that.
JM December 26, 2011 at 10:07 PM
Umm okay that is a Pontiac G6. The HoCo Police couldn't figure that out??? I have officially lost all faith in them.


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