So Many "Things," How to Keep Kids From Becoming too Materialistic

Moms Council Member Anne wants to know: Will my kid be OK with used clothes once she gets older?

I'm thinking of ways to raise my daughter not to be too materialistic, especially when it is so very cheap and easy to get lots and lots and lots of toys and clothes. (I just went to the tot swap in Columbia on Friday, so stuff is on my mind.)

A related topic is on the perception of used goods. I have bought almost all of her stuff used, which makes me feel really good about being able to reduce and reuse and live a little more sustainably. I worry a little about what happens when she gets older and how the peer pressure may make her feel bad for having used things.

As a child I was made to feel quite bad over my homemade clothes and hand-me-downs. I would like to see society's perceptions about gifts change as well, for the same reason. Right now it seems that most people wouldn't appreciate a used gift or a re-gift.

Jill Berry March 02, 2011 at 06:09 PM
I have consigned since 2004. Love not wasting anything. I try to consign stuff that is in good condition. Anything else I give to GoodWill. Broken items are of course thrown in the trash. I show my kids that you can find bargains at consignment stores. We buy many DVDs for $2-$3 each. I bought 12 of the 13 Lemony Snickets books for about $10. Still searching for the elusive Book #$12!
Brandie Jefferson March 02, 2011 at 11:03 PM
It's funny, when I was in high school, I only bought second-hand clothes and my mom (and brothers) teased me about it to no end. A few months ago, my mom called to tell me about this great consignment shop that opened up across the street from her, (and the leather pants she got on the cheap). I had to remind her about all of the grief she had given me!


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