On the Web: Ellicott City Flooding Causes Comments Among Car Enthusiasts

Video of flooding gets car enthusiasts talking.

Looking for mentions of Ellicott City in the news, something caught my eye.

Yes, people were amazed by the general flooding that overtook Main Street on Wednesday, but a few car enthusiast websites had something to say about the fact that the star of one of the videos was a Mercedes SL, which sat idle while other cars passed it by. 

From MotorAuthority.com:

An R230 series Mercedes-Benz SL-Class has fallen victim to a flash flood that hit Ellicott City, Maryland yesterday.

The driver of the Mercedes attempts to proceed along a flooded street before the car stalls, attracting the attention of onlookers who happily film the event.

Several Toyota vehicles of all shapes and sizes then proceed to pass the hapless Mercedes, though in fairness, they all sit a few inches higher than the low-slung luxury convertible.

The video just goes to show that it’s usually best to pull over and sit out a rough storm, rather than proceeding to drive on to your destination.

From CarBuzz.com:

As the driver sits there stranded you notice an amazing sight - Toyotas passing the Mercedes at leisure. Is this the case of the Japanese cars' better ground clearance or driving slower than the Mercedes? In any case this is a video definitely worth checking out, as the camerawoman so eloquently points out, "oh my gracious."

From AutoEvolution.com:

Getting back to the subject at hand, a flash flood hit the city of Ellicott in Maryland yesterday, and you might think that most people would have parked on the side of the road and waited for the water to subside. 

Most did, but not the owner of this sleek Mercedes Benz SL. With the water clearly up to the bumper, he charges through and the engine immediately cut. Thankfully, some people were at hand, not to help, but to film the who thing and post it on Youtube... obviously.

The video is funny because a beat-up Toyota and a bunch of other cars manage to do what the Merc couldn’t.


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