No Hot Dog Stand in Ellicott City

But the LaLa's Ice Cream storefront will be serving up the dogs into the early hours of the morning.

Ice cream is good. Hot dogs are good. Soon Main Street will have both in one place. 

"Two weeks," Brendan Flannery said outside of LaLa's Ice Cream. He had just ripped a note off of the door informing him that his final inspection was complete.

Flannery also owns and operates LaLa's Hot Dog Cart, but, he said "It can't be in downtown Ellicott City ... I don't want to talk about it."

There was a cart about 15 years ago at the corner of Old Columbia Pike and Main Street, he said, "We're going to fight for that spot."

For now, however, you can find the hot dog cart in Cradlerock and soon, he hopes, in Baltimore City.

And when the LaLa's Ice Cream storefont opens -- in two weeks -- Flannery and his wife Ana Torres will also be serving up hot dogs. Late. "We want to stay open until 3 a.m.," Torres said. 

Hot dogs and ice cream at 3 a.m.? I'm in.


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