Fate of the Enchanted Forest Castle

Another piece of Howard County history was torn down several weeks ago.  The "Enchanted Forest" sign that stood beside the castle for almost 60 years was partially wrecked and left dangling in agony for days before finally being completely torn down.  It was almost as if the people building the Capital One Bank behind the castle wanted to inflict pain on passersby who remembered better days for the children's amusement part.

That brings up the question of what eventually will happen to the Enchanted Forest castle?  The gleaming white castle will block the view of the Capital One bank "hiding" behind it, and it will also block easy access to the bank. 

The ongoing excavation appears to have seriously undermined the rear support structure of the castle.  Obviously, it is in the way.  I would be surprised if, like the old Enchanted Forest sign, the castle is "accidentally" damaged, quickly deemed to be unsafe by Howard County inspectors, and will be torn down "for the safety of the people."  Actually, it will be so people can see that shiny new Capital One bank.

Michael February 21, 2014 at 12:39 PM
This morning, Friday, Feb 21, I noticed that one side of the landmark Enchanted Forest sign had been remounted. It is slightly damaged - some dents and paint chipping visible - but appears repairable. Perhaps it was salvaged because of the calls and e-mails sent to Howard County officials by myself and others complaining about it being torn down. Anyway, it appears someone heard the outcries. I guess half the "Enchanted Forest" sign is better than no sign at all.


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