Bigger Problems Than Meters on Main Street

'Let's get back to the really big issues.'

Dear Fellow Ellicott City Community Members,

Let's get back to the really big issues: Stormwater Management, Beautification, Marketing/Promotion, Events, Safety, Historic Preservation, Waste Management, Infrastructure, Economic Development. We can't do any of these things without the help of Howard County government.

We had the most supportive relationship with the County we have seen in years and that is because the community presented a unified group with a positive attitude. The County is in the process of helping us address those big issues. Yes, they take time. Let's get back to working with them instead of attacking them.  

I have watched with dismay how the collective positive energy and momentum has been stalled by infighting over the relatively minor issue of parking meters on Main St. Much hyperbolic language has been used as reasons against them, but it really comes right down to convenience doesn't it?  

Parking on Main will still be free for 66% of the time, the whole area becomes a free 15 minute loading zone and the free parking will remain free.  No one has to pay unless they choose to.  No one will stop coming to Ellicott City because of meters.  We live and work here precisely because we are independent minded people who choose to be in a funky historic town.  

I park a block away in a free lot and when that is full, on Frederick Road.  Maybe I have to walk two or three blocks. That's okay.  It is part of the trade-off to be here.  None of us is entitled to park wherever and wherever we want.  More available convenient parking on Main opens it up for visitors who help make this town thrive.

Let's please work together as a community again,

Karen Besson 

Dan Jenkins October 19, 2012 at 01:02 PM
Maia, I'm so happy you've joined the conversation. So many folks like us live here and have tried to make a home here, and it is difficult to get everyone to share their thoughts -- especially when residents are made to feel like our complains are illegitimate. Getting as many people as possible to demand reasonable accommodations is necessary, however, to get those accommodations. I think it's really brave for you to stand up and risk being called lazy or having your concerns dismissed by the County employees who troll this page, and I think your call to draw on all opinions is admirable. I hope you'll keep talking!
Dan Jenkins October 19, 2012 at 01:09 PM
Well said, Amy. I would also like to point out that even if you pumped no money into local shops and restaurants, as individuals residents are still by far the biggest contributors to the local economy -- in rent alone we each feed 10-20 thousand dollars into the residential property rentals here. Since these rentals are mostly locally-owned, it would be incorrect to say that there is a tension between increasing business and accommodating residents -- residents are customers. That said, residents shouldn't have to be wealthy to have our needs considered. We also shouldn't have to spend countless hours defending ourselves against accusations that we are lazy, or become experts in identifying and combating political spin, or take time off from work to protest illegitimate use of power -- yet we have had to do all of those things here. I hope the administration will change its tune and treat us with the respect we deserve. We're not rich, but we're human beings. I had made Ellicott City a home these last 5 years; the way we have been treated makes me homesick for the Ellicott City that I thought I lived in.
Timothy Yungwirth October 19, 2012 at 01:18 PM
How does one stop following comments? I do not see that option.
Brandie Jefferson October 19, 2012 at 02:06 PM
It's in the actual email you receive. At the bottom, it says "You received this email because you contributed .... To unsubscribe from all Patch emails, click here."
john stephens October 22, 2012 at 09:04 PM
wow Kelli , imagine if all the residents and friends of residents who visit with money decided to boycott your journey from junk . pretty shortsighted ego centric viewpoint you seem to have


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