Howard County Death Notices through Oct. 14

Here are links to obituaries as listed by several funeral homes in Howard County.

Click on the name of the deceased to read the full obituary and/or to submit online condolences.

Slack Funeral Home Pa

Location: 3871 Old Columbia Pike, Elliott City

Phone: 410-465-4400

Vernon Edward Russell died Oct. 12.  He was 84.

Catherine Ann Jones of Columbia died Oct. 10.  She was 55.


Witzkes Harry H Family Funeral Home Incorporated

Location: 4112 Old Columbia Pike, Ellicott City

Phone: 410-465-2848

Charles E. Bowers, Jr. died Oct. 10.  He was 67.

Rose J. Brnich died Oct. 9.  She was 77.

Claire L. Coates died Oct. 10.  She was 92.

Albert DeMuth died Oct. 11.  He was 83.

Gaylen C. Euler died Oct. 8.  She was 69.

James Bernard Fleck died Oct. 8.  He was 76.

John P. Finnegan died Oct. 13.  He was 76.

Margaret Felicebus died Oct. 7.  She was 88.


Gary L. Kaufman Funeral Home at Meadowridge Memorial Park

Location: 7250 Washington Blvd, Elkridge

Phone: 410-796-8024

Anita Vera Fischbach died Oct. 8.  She was 88.

Lamar “Larry” L. Robinson of Woodlawn died Oct. 9.  He was 86.

John Sylvester Richardson of Elkridge died Oct. 8.  He was 66.

Carolyn P.G. King of Elkridge died Oct. 6.  She was 73.

Estelle Starke died Oct. 5.  She was 96.

Robert F. Wagner died Oct. 6.  He was 89.


Witzke Funeral Homes Incorporated

Location: 5555 Twin Knolls Road, Columbia

Phone: 410-992-9090

Gloria Fuhres Allen died Oct. 9.  She was 85.

Joyce Ann Lozado died Oct. 9.  She was 73.

Carmen Louise Turnpin died Oct. 10.  She was 69.

Jack Robert Herman died Oct. 5.  He was 97.

Gordon Paul Jayne died Oct. 4.  He was 52.



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