Weekend Weather: Cold Windy and ... Snow?

Here's a look at the National Weather Service's Weekend Forecast.

Well, we didn’t get any snow this week, and likely won’t see any this weekend, according to the National Weather Service, but there’s a chance yet that we’ll see some of the white stuff soon.

Today will be cold, with temperatures reaching the mid-30s and winds gusting as fast as 28 mph at times. Skies will stay clear all day and through the night, when temperatures drop to the mid-20s. 

Saturday will be a bit milder, with temperatures in the mid-40s and clear, sunny skies. Clouds will roll in Saturday night, when temperatures drop to the low-30s.

Expect a breezy day Sunday, with partly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-40s. Winds may gust as fast as 31 mph. Sunday night, temperatures will drop to 25 degrees.

And here it is … there’s a 30 percent chance of snow on Monday afternoon, the .

Otherwise, expect partly sunny skies with a high temperature in the mid-30s during the day, dropping to the low-20s at night.


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