Veterans Wanted

The only thing slowing down growth at this company is a lack of workers, and they're looking to hire veterans.

When Holly Mosack left the U.S. Army after nearly 8 years of service, she knew she needed a job, but she didn’t know what to do." 

“It was really a feeling of I didn’t know what I was qualified for,” she said in a phone interview with Patch.

Mosack, an Illinois native,  found a job in Ohio through an Army recruiter, but it wasn’t what she really wanted. “I didn’t care for it,” she said, “But like many service members I took the first job I got.”

Less than a year later, Mosack moved back home, to Peoria, Il., and found a job with Advanced Technology Services (ATS). The company was looking to start a military recruiting program.

“It was a perfect fit. I’ll always be impressed that they took a chance on me.” 

Mosack now runs that recruitment program and is reaching out to veterans across the country who are looking for work. More than 30 percent of ATS employees are veterans and, Mosack said, the only thing keeping the company from growing is a lack of qualified employees.

“The military is a great training ground for us,” she said. "It’s one of the few areas that people still go into where they get the fundamental skill we’re looking for.”

ATS runs maintenance operations at companies across the country, including two companies in Maryland. 

It’s not “janitorial or plumbing,” Mosack said, but high-skilled work with mechanics. For example, ATS employees maintain and fix equipment at Caterpillar, a company that makes farm equipment.

“We need individuals who can figure it out,” Mosack said.  People who ask:  ’How can we recreate this part?’ instead of 'where can I buy a replacement part?'

“We find service members coming back -- especially from Afghanistan and Iraq, they’re used to that kind of environment, where they can’t just go next door and find the equipment they need.”

Mosackf also says working at a company with a high regard for veterans is a bonus for employees.

“When you get out,” she said, “No matter what reason you get out for … you still miss the people. “ 

Veterans who would like to find out more about opportunities with ATS in Maryland and across the country should contact military the recruiter at militaryrecruiter@advancedtech.com


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