Top News: Suspected Burglars Post Bail, Main Street Parking, Upstairs at Wegmans

The suspected door-kick burglars posted bail, Main Street parking issues and Wegmans reveals what they're going to use that second-floor space for.

More information about the deadly collision was released Tuesday by state police.

Suspected Door Kick-in Burglars Released on $15,000 Bail

Police said the duo stole more than $22,000 in firearms, jewelry and electronics, but were able to post bail of $15,000 each the day after their Oct. 4 arrest.

Take a Look: Randy & Steve's The New General Store

After 125 years, Yates Market is gone but Randy and Steve - former owners of The Good Life Market - are back. Their new store offers something that's been missing from Main Street: A place to buy milk and bread. And a whole lot more.

Missing Columbia Woman Last Seen Oct. 1.

Friends and family are worried about the whereabouts of Carol Choe, 30, who was last seen at her residence in Columbia on Oct. 1.

Main Street Parking: Residents Weigh in

The County has scheduled a meeting with Ellicott City Historic District Residents to discuss the possibility of implementing a residential parking permit program alongside a new parking meter system set for Main Street and Maryland Avenue.

Wegmans Reveals Use for Upstairs Space

The space that was proposed for a liquor store will have a new function.

Poll Shows Marylanders Want to Be Able to Buy Alcohol in Chain Stores

Democrats and Republicans agree on this issue, according to poll results.

Picture of the Day: Retaining Wall One Year Later

It's been more than a year since this retaining wall collapsed under the pressure of heavy rains. The county has been working with St. Paul's Church to fix it, but there have been some holdups.

Franchot Says He'll 'Communicate' With Ulman About Meters

Main Street merchants saw an opportunity to plead their case against parking meters when the Maryland comptroller came to town to present an award to the Phoenix Emporium.

Poll: Should the Clarksville Funeral Home Be Approved?

The Board of Appeals heard testimony on the proposed Route 108 funeral home on Oct. 9.

More Pedestrian Pathways Planned for Columbia

A plan would add more than 50 miles to Columbia's pathway system.


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