Ellicott CIty Residents to Meet With BGE Tonight

Residents of the Font Hill neighborhood who have concerns about electric service will meet with officials this evening.

In the city it’s called “shots fired,” but an early morning explosive “boom!” in Oella didn’t involve guns. 

Essentially, it was a blown fuse along a power line.

“They call it shots fired in the city because whenever it happens the police come,” said a BGE employee who arrived at 9:45 a.m. Wednesday to fix the problem. He said a tree limb likely bounced off the line in the wrong place, leading to the blow-out.

The isolated power outage, which was fixed by late morning, came as residents in the Font Hill neighborhood prepared to meet with BGE to discuss what Cathy Eshmont calls a “dismal reliability record.”

Eshmont, a resident who said she had had reliability issues with BGE, has spearheaded “Reliability4HoCo,” a forum on Facebook where residents discuss similar frustrations. 

Residents with concerns about power outages or reliability will be meeting with with  BGE representatives at tonight at 7:30.

cathy eshmont November 17, 2011 at 02:18 PM
My immediate neighborhood in Dunloggin – we call ourselves the ‘horseshoe of darkness’ -- have been asking BGE to fix our outage problems for years. BGE keeps outage metrics on each address but chose not to proactively identify readily available technology (e.g., ‘smart’ fuses) until this summer. We have learned that BGE determines restoration activity by the significance of the customers involved, and the number of customers affected. We were further advised that such determinations are made on an ‘incident-by-incident’ basis, such that customers with low restoration priority will continue to de-emphasized even if they suffer from repeated outages over short timeframes. We took from this that we are in poverty with regards to our electric service, and we will remain in poverty because we are just a small group of lowly residential customers. How did we get to be just 48? Well BGE changed some line assignments around and took two Howard County schools off our line when we had had too many outages. If you're having reliability problems, please join us.
susie Paolisso November 18, 2011 at 02:51 PM
Susie Paolisso I also live in this part of Dunloggin that we call the "horshoe of darkness" We have all pulled together to get this situation addressed. Every time that the wind kicks up or a dark cloud in the sky appears.....we all hold our breath in fear of the next power outage and how long it will take to get it restored. We are hoping to get the attention of BGE and make sure they know we want our situation taken care of. Last summer, I attended a meeting with other neighbors with BGE in attendance and they came up with some ideas that they put in writting to help us. I hope and pray that BGE stands by their words and by the time line that they provided for us. The members of the "horseshoe of darkness" are not going away.....we are tired of being in the dark!
Larry Dunham November 20, 2011 at 02:02 AM
Thanks to Ms. Eshmont, BGE is starting to make changes such as the smart fuses and reliabiilty seems to be improving. Why do we have to complain for so long and so loud to get BGE to do what seems would be good business practice for them? How many communities that are not complaining as loud are still suffering 10 day long outages? Our government needs to require reliable service from BGE and threaten them with replacement if they refuse to be a responsible monopoly.


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