Residents Decry BGE's Requested Rate Hike

The Public Service Commission came to Ellicott City - again - to hear from residents around the county.

In contrast to Annapolis, where just one person took to the microphone, more than a dozen spoke in Howard County at a hearing about a rate increase requested by Baltimore Gas and Electric Co., the Howard County Times reported.

The hearing comes less than two weeks after a report, submitted by the Public Service Commission staff, called BGE’s service in certain Ellicott City neighborhoods “below average.” The report is part of an investigation into BGE's reliability in areas of Ellicott City.

At Wednesday night’s hearing, 14 people testified against the rate increase, the Times reported. BGE wants to raise about $175 million in the first year of the hike, which will apply to the distribution fees on customers’ bills. With that money, BGE has said it plans to make improvements to its infrastructure.

Font Hill Community Association President Jack Seuss testified, according to the Times. His neighborhood was found to be one of the poorest performing feeders in Ellicott City, according to the PSC staff report. 

“While improving reliability is key,” Seuss testified, according to the Times “I have no confidence that this rate hike is going to deliver improved reliability.” 

Wednesday’s hearing was the fifth and final to be held in the state. The PSC will make a decision on the rate hike by Feb. 23.


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MS January 18, 2013 at 06:50 PM
This hearing only dealt with BGE's request is increase it's distribution (delivery) rates. BGE is increasing the price of electricity supply on June 1 - that has already been approved by the MD Public Service Commission. On June 1 BGE is raising the price of the electricity it supplies to residential (Schedule R) customers from 8.94 cents per kWh to 10.474 cents per kWh - a 16.8% increase. BGE customers have the right to choose the energy company that supplies the electricity delivered to them by BGE. When you do this, you can get your electricity supply at a lower price. Washington Gas Energy Service (WGES) offers to supply electricity for BGE customers for 8.4 cents per kWh for one year. It is a fixed-price; it will remain at 8.4 cents even when BGE increases its price to 10.474. To enroll your residence for WGES' electricity supply, go to www.wges.com . Where it asks " New to WGES? Enter your promo code here " enter code " EAHOME-EA1016 ". This code will get you WGES' 8.4 cents price. BGE will continue to deliver your electriity as before, respond to issues, read the meter, and do the billing. None of that changes - but you will pay less for the electricity you use. There is no service interruption. Nothing is connected or disconnected.


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