Money Magazine Ranks Columbia/Ellicott City -- Again

But the ranking has changed quite a bit since 2010.

Money Magazine’s “Best Places to Live” ranking has just been released, and the Columbia/Ellicott City dual entry has slipped six points in two years from being the second best place to live in 2010 to the eighth best in 2012.

And in 2011? Howard County wasn't ranked. That's because, according to county spokesman Kevin Enright, the magazine only ranks cities and towns of a similar size every two years. 

"We have been in the top 10 every two years since [the] executive has been here," he wrote in an email.

This year, CNN’s Money Magazine returned to Howard County, pointing out that living on the border of Columbia and Ellicott City:

...Offers the best of both worlds – a charming, historic downtown with plenty of restaurants (Ellicott City), and a thoughtfully laid-out planned community with lots of big-box stores and a giant arena (Columbia).

The article also notes the area’s "diverse population," “reasonable housing costs” and "terrific schools." It even points to Columbia’s as a reason Columbia/Ellicott City is a great place to live.

Columbia/Ellicott City comes in just behind Reston, VA, at #7 and one step ahead of #9, Overland Park, KS. 

And if you’re wondering, according to Money Magazine, the Best Place to Live is  Carmel, IN.

See the top 100 Best Places to Live on Money Magazine.

This article has been upated to indicate Columbia/EllicottCity was not elligble to be ranked last year.

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