County Presents 'New Vision' for Downtown Ellicott City

County officials tonight will discuss plans to ease parking, increase public safety and evaluate flood control systems.

Yes, Ellicott City/Columbia was just voted one of the . 

Yes, . 

But there's always room for improvement. 

Improving Historic Ellicott City will be the topic of a Town Hall meeting tonight at 7 at the George Howard Building.

Patch commenters seem to think there's plenty to improve. 

User  wrote that she moved from Old Ellicott City because it seemed to cater more to tourists than residents. 

Sure if you want a bar it's okay, or a cup of coffee. But the amenities of daily living that most normal towns have that cater to those who live there full time? All are missing. Do you want to create this town as a glorified museum with shopping? If so, it's well on the way there. But creating a town that is truly supportive of residents is also very, very important.

On Facebook, Ruthie SkillmanShelley Davies Gentile and Jenny Wright said Main Street shops needed to keep later hours. 

"It's ridiculous when friends come and visit in the Summer and the place closes up at 5 PM with 4 more hours of daylight left," Gentile wrote.

And, as Sue Ellen Grove and so many others mentioned, "Parking. Definitely parking."

With the loss of a couple of spots on Mulligan's Hill Lane, where a as a result of heavy rain during , and the tight street parking on Main Street, residents and business owners voiced this concern more than any other on Patch and Facebook.

The plan for the will be presented at tonight's meeting, according to Steve Sharar at the Department of Public Works. 

In addition to parking, these items, too, will be on the agenda, according to county officials:

  • Evaluating flood control solutions and improving storm water management
  • Update on enhancing housing opportunities
  • Increasing public safety with the creation of a Police Neighborhood Satellite Office
  • Updates from the Department of Recreations and Parks on the and other park facilities
  • Continued improvements on the Old Post Office Building
  • Constructing a unified vision and a cohesive plan for the future of downtown Ellicott City. 

The meeting will be at 7 p.m., in the Banneker room of the , 3430 Court House Drive. 

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