Keeping Cool in Ellicott City: Tutti Frutti

With temperatures at 95 degrees and rising, sometimes you just need a cold treat.

Some people love the heat. Some people like it. Others are annoyed. And then there's me.

In case you couldn't tell by my tweets and Facebook posts, temperatures higher than 75 degrees make me angry. 

But I have no choice, I have to run around in this dreadful weather. To motivate myself to leave the comforts of air conditioning, I've decided to go beyond the smoothies that I make at home, and treat myself to all things frozen: ice cream, frozen yogurt, shaved ice, etc.

I've never been a big dessert fan, so I headed to HowChow to see what my options were. I searched the page for "frozen," and after frozen shrimp, the next item was about a frozen yogurt joint in Columbia, , that had its first storefront in Ellicott City.

This place is great: self-serve frozen yogurt with a bevy of toppings that you pay for by weight. There was green tea, chocolate, caramel, vanilla .. about a dozen flavors in all. And more than twice as many toppings. 

Sitting in that hip storefront with a heaping bowl of cold frozen yogurt almost made me forget that it was 874,980 degrees outside. 



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