An Ellicott City New Year’s Eve for Every Taste in Town

Celebrations start early on the Main in Ellicott City.

The end of the year is fast approaching: parties, parties and more parties!

There is nothing like a great New Year's Eve party. If you're anything like me, you want to do something different and end the year by going into the next with fresh ideas and new perspectives.

But before we get too serious, let's plunge into the party plans and year-end happenings on the Main in Ellicott City.

If you like to get started early, , at 8293 Main St. begins its festivities at 4 p.m. This French country restaurant is offering a chef's menu until 10 p.m. On its regular menu, Tersiguel's offers delicious entrees like saumon fumé maison (house smoked salmon) or veau (veal), evoking memories of Old Town Quebec. Also, there are fabulous desserts like mousse au chocolat (chocolate mousse) and crepe suzette (crepe with lemon sauce) to top off your dining experience.

Although Tersiguel's chef's party menu kept confidential, you'll be in for a treat if the regular menu in any indication. The restaurant's seating time is convenient for friends and family who like to eat early, go shopping and make it back home for a more personal cocktail hour, or for those who need to be in front of the television to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Quaint, quiet and crowd-free.

But, if you really want to stomp in 2011, there are a few other places along the Main that may be more your style.

, 8069 Tiber Alley, is throwing a "Draper Style" New Year's Eve bash for Ellicott City Mad Men fans. The Mill is just the place to pull off this "Rat Pack" party. Sage, The Scoop Diaries' stylist, will be attending another party – but since this soiree appeared on her GPS, she had to make a little extra time to glam it up at this event!

"We're not the ones to have a huge open bar type party for New Year's Eve," said Lexi Milani, co-owner of The Rumor Mill. "My husband, Matthew (head chef) and I wanted to do something different – so, we decided on a Mad Men theme for the bash. Everyone will do their best to dress in the style of this period" of the 1960s.

Sage is beside herself. Cocktail dresses. Fedoras. Slim-fitting suits. A style extravaganza!

The menu will include additions of Mad Men-inspired dishes and drinks, according to Milani. The music will include a list of songs chosen from the era as well as live music in the bar by--and this is a secret--Clint Czafader, a musician who is also part of the wait staff.

A midnight champagne toast is also planned. The Rumor Mill is taking reservations online.

If you and your fellow revelers wish to have a midnight drink or two without committing to an organized party, check out at 8308 Main St. EMBC is open until 2 a.m. every day.

is another alternative, with regular menu items available, plus drinks. The Tavern, 3733 Old Columbia Pike, is open until 2 a.m.

Also, will feature the Declassified Band until closing. The pub is located 8385 Main Street and will be serving regular menu items and drinks.

The Main seems to have something for everyone's party plans, whether you want to party early, party late or party later.

Happy New Year from the Scoop Diaries!


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