Whiz Kid: Sebastian Morales

This second grade student is a philanthropist in the making.

Name: Sebastian Morales

School/grade: St. Louis School/2nd Grade

Key to Awesomeness: Sebastian Morales recently held a yard sale to help in his school's efforts to support the building of a new gymnasium and Parish Activity Center at the parish.  

St. Louis is raising money as part of an Archdiocesan Capital Campaign, and Sebastian was inspired to help in any way that he could. His first attempt involved creating original artwork that he sold to relatives and friends, and meeting with success, he decided to ramp up his efforts. 

On a recent weekend, Sebastian and his parents loaded their movies, toys, and personal items on tables, and Sebastian went to work -- encouraging sales by telling patrons that his profits were for his school. 

His mother said: "He truly loves his school and brags to everyone about how wonderful and caring his school is. He truly is an inspiration for us," she said.

"He said ever since he was 5 he wanted to take homeless people off the streets and he would go to school to be an architect and build homes for them. I asked him where would he get the money and he said I will start campaigns and have them donate the materials."

It looks like Sebastian is off to a great start!  


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