Whiz Kid: Clara Cares

Clara hasn't forgotten her time at the Johns Hopkins Pediatric ICU. She's found a way to thank them for helping her.

Name: Clara H.

Age: 7

Why She's a Whiz: After having to spend time there herself, Clara has been making bracelets to raise money for the Johns Hopkins Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

In her own words: 

I've been there before. I know how scary it can feel. I want to help other kids like me by raising money for the PICU. I hope the money I raise can go towards providing things to make the children feel more at home. When I was there I felt scared. I didn't know what was happening. But the nurses and doctors were really nice. At first I didn't like it but then I began to feel at home because of how well the doctors took care of me. I loved being with the other children. Now that I have thought of a way to help, I want to do it!

Clara, a Centennial Lane Elementary School student, and Amelia. a St. John's Parish Day School student, have been making bracelets with their friend Nina, a Centennial Lane Elementary student for Clara Cares.

They sell the colorful fabric bracelets and donate all profits to the Hopkins PICU.

If you would like to buy a bracelet, or simply make a donation, visit the Clara Cares website. The donation button is at the bottom.


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