Mutts Matter: Kia Still Needs A Home

Sweet Kia is a playful and affectionate shepherd mix who is still looking for her forever home.


UPDATE  - Kia is still looking for her family. She’s in a new foster home and currently lives with two kids who are nine and twelve, her foster pup sister Carly who she adores, and the resident kitty who she likes to chase and play with. Please read on for Kia’s bio to learn more about her and see if she might be the pup for you.


Hi, guys! My name’s Kia and I’ve been waiting patiently to find my new family. I’m not sure what the hold up is, so I’m taking some time to re-introduce myself because I know they’re out there. I’m still a young pup at only three years old, and I have a goofy, playful nature and am an active dog. I weigh about 60 pounds, and Mutts Matter thinks I’m a shepherd mix, though some folks have suggested I may have some rottweiler or hound in me too. I just know I’m a mutt and proud of it. I’m a handsome dog with a sturdy build, a shiny coat, and a big, infectious smile.

My foster mom calls me a cuddle bug because I’m very affectionate and always want to be near my family. I’m a loyal pup who will stay by your side, and make sure that our family is safe and sound. I know how to love and protect my people because I had a loving family of my own once. Sadly, they fell on hard times and surrendered me to the local shelter in Winchester. As the shelter grew full and my time was almost up, a shelter volunteer who knew that I was special took an interest in me, and called Mutts Matter to help. She didn't want my life to end just because my owners could no longer afford to care for me. I thank her every day for standing up for me, and giving me a second chance at life. 

I’m what you’d call a dog’s dog; I love to play and socialize with my canine pals, and I’m a star at the dog park, greeting everyone with a welcoming smile and tail wag. I adapt to other dogs quickly and play well with pups of all sizes, especially my foster pup sister, Carly. You can see from this video that she’s almost half my size, but we get along just fine. I really need another dog to hang out with, so my one request is a canine buddy in my new home. Carly and I share bones and toys, and I’m always respectful of her food. When I want to keep some toys all for myself, I have hiding spots around the house and I’ve even been known to grab a blanket to cover them up so no one can find them. People say I’m clever, but that just seems like common sense to me. 

I’m treat motivated and eager to please, so I’ve already been crate-trained, potty-trained, and know basic commands like “sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “off.” My foster parents continue to work with me on my manners, and I’ve learned to wait for my food and wait at the door for my foster mom to take the lead when we go out. I’m not perfect though, and still have some issues to work through walking on a leash. I’m the best behaved dog off leash, but when I’m on a leash I can be protective and reactive, especially to loud cars or things that startle me. I will need an owner who is committed to working with me on my leash walking skills. While I’m learning my leash manners, having a fenced back yard to run and play in and trips to the dog park are great options for me to continue to socialize and get my exercise.

My foster mom describes me as a goofy dog who loves to wrestle and play. I enjoy playing tug of war with Carly, and LOVE to play fetch, so you’ll often find me in the back yard or at the dog park with a ball in my mouth raring to go. I have a silly side too, and I follow my foster dad’s lead and howl along with him when he howls like a hound dog. When he starts yodeling, I can’t resist joining in. He’s part of my pack and I’m a team player.

I would make a great co-pilot for an assertive, active owner who appreciates smart, athletic dogs and will commit to my exercise and training. I need leadership and take a little time to warm up to new things and people, but once I get a chance to smell everyone, I fit right in. A home with another dog and a fenced yard is ideal for me, and older kids (over seven) like the two I currently live with are great too. I’m a cool, active dog who is also affectionate and playful, and will be your steadfast companion.  


To learn more about Kia, go to the Mutts Matter Adoption Page and fill out an application, or you can contact Suzanne at suzanne@muttsmatterrescue.com.

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