How Important are Local Community Centers to Your Family?

Do the librarians know you by name? Have a favorite locker at the Y? Or has it been years since you've stepped foot in one of Ellicott City's community centers?

With a calendar overflowing with work, school, and church activities, it can be hard to find time to spend with friends.

Enter the community center.

Do you find that you see neighbors and the parents of your children's friends ONLY when you visit your local libraries, community, and recreation centers? Do you schedule play dates after library storytimes? Or enroll your children in the same dance class so that you can hang out with your friend while the kids are in class?

Some people don't take advantage of community and recreation centers at all, some folks find themselves at the library several times a week. How important are these places to you and your family?

Jill Berry March 09, 2011 at 08:33 PM
Community centers offer classes, places for groups to meet, and fitness facilities. As a young mom, I was isolated in my home. If my neighbors were home, I never knew it. I craved companionship, but had little time to find, much less start, a playgroup for my daughter. With my youngest, I loved that I could meet up with friends at the library for storytimes or the community center. The kids would run around the walking track while the moms walked, too.


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