Can this 'Coyote' Get Some Love? Dog of the Week

I'm Luna, and I could probably pass as a coyote. Whatever I am, I'd like to be yours.

Small Miracles was planning on featuring a pair of dogs who recently came to the shelter but, wouldn't you know it, they were adopted!

Not me.

I’m Luna, and I've been here for a little while.

Maybe it's because when most people talk about getting a dog, the typical breeds come up: labs, retrievers, terriers, and poodles.  But wouldn’t it be so cool to have a wolf or coyote as a pet?  

Well, here is your chance to own your very own coyote!

Ok, so I may have exaggerated a bit, but I do look an awfully lot like
a blonde coyote with my big ears and bushy tail. I am part Sheppard,
part collie, and part whatever else you want me to be.

I am a very sweet girl; much quieter than my noisy neighbors. I came
to Small Miracles when I was pregnant. My adorable puppies all found
their loving homes a few weeks ago, but I am still here waiting for
the perfect person to take me home.  

I like peace and quiet and am looking forward to becoming your new loyal companion.  

(And if you want to tell your friends I’m a wild coyote you befriended out west, I
promise I won’t say anything).

Small Miracles Cat Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill cat and dog shelter in Ellicott City. Each week we will feature an animal that needs a home. If you happen to pick up one of these lovelies, post a picture and let us know! Visit the Cat of the Week blog to see which cats have been adopted and which are still looking for a home.


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